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"Women are the most underutilized asset in the world’s economy.”

@A_Gurria @oecd

#Genderequality is 158 
years away in North 
America @wef 2016 #FixTheLeakyPipeline @pipelineequity

Cut the Social Security deficit by a third - end the #genderpaygap @SSWorks #FixTheLeakyPipeline @pipelineequity

Minority women-owned firms employ 2M workers and generate $344B in revenues @TIME @AmericanExpress #FixTheLeakyPipeline @pipelineequity

#Genderequality could add $4.3 trillion to annual US GDP by 2025 @mckinsey #FixTheLeakyPipeline @pipelineequity

78% of CEOs say gender equality is in their top 10 business priorities @WSJ @McKinsey #FixTheLeakyPipeline @pipelineequity

48% of working fathers would prefer to be at home raising their children @pewresearch #FixTheLeakyPipeline @pipelineequity

#FixTheLeakyPipeline is a campaign to correct and improve the narrative on gender equity.

Creating gender equity in the workforce improves the narrative for the individual and business outcomes – to the tune of $4.3 trillion in GDP (McKinsey, 2016). It also substantially changes the trajectory of major systemic issues including poverty, healthcare, debt, education and innovation in the U.S. We must correct and improve the narrative.

We need your voices and ideas. Let’s fix the leaky Pipeline.


Fix The Leaky Pipeline™

We’re listening.

We need your voices and ideas. Take the survey and let’s fix the leaky Pipeline.

Do you believe gender equity is a problem we can fix?

How do you think we can collectively improve the narrative on gender equity?

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